The HEL Jumper [Chapter 3.14] : HFY

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Huffing against her shoulder, the golden wolf settled his one eye on his beautiful woman and smirked, nuzzling the side of her head. She halted a moment in her steps before staightening her spine, shook her head to wake herself up, and trudged to the voice. As if she had any inclination of being anywhere else in this moment. One victim, who wishes to be identified only as Rhiannon, was sexually assaulted at the age of 13 in her own home, a day after being groomed by a fake modelling scout online. On March 9, a convoy of coaches will set off from the East London Mosque in Whitechapel for a day of ‘Halal entertainment’. Though again he accused her of being disrespectful and when he set down the wheelbarrow, the woman scoffed as her hands lowered from their place on her hips. He set down the wheelbarrel of goods and glared at the woman, knowing she’d likely just do as she always did and try and fight

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