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ice christals white snow on twik cold frost 15 minutes are allowed, most parts of covered already, notwithstanding that they upload some material themselves. I was introduced to the material at a very young age because my father used to play the tapes in the car. It was a weird voice and I was always embarrassed if someone else was in the car to hear my dad listening to nonsense instead of just playing the radio like a normal person. The teachings of Abraham are pure hokum just like Joel Osteen’s prosperity ‘gospel’. Sorry. You cannot endorse the teachings and throw out the messenger. The messenger you very much endorse and support, the messenger being Esther Hicks and her tribe of deceptive supporters. I do believe that thoughts are things, that everything we perceive is just vibration (smell, sight, sound, even touch), and that 99% of all matter being empty space is enough proof that there’s much more going on here than we know. I honestly didn’t even have a question that I wanted to ask and, despite feeling super inclined to raise my hand, I knew I’d be taking the opportunity away from someone else who wanted to do it more. And I hope that people who are going to be turned off by their business practices are still open to the core of the teachings from other, more ethical, sources.

You see, you cannot state How Much You Love These Teachings and expect any of us to take you seriously. You see, Abraham HIcks is proof that you must throw out the Baby With The Bath Water. You either support the lies of Esther and Jerry Hicks or you don’t. All you are interested in doing is justifying false teachers such as Walsch and Esther Hicks in the hopes that you will pull some of us into your Vortex of lies and deception. How ironic you would bring Neale Donald Walsch into your discussion. I once spoke to Neale Walsch on the telephone and I told him that I hated him and that he was a hypocrite and liar and that he did not hear the voice of God as he proclaims. Yet in one of the books, and the title escapes me right now, Walsch’s «God» states the following: «When I channeled A Course In Miracles through Helen Schucman, ect, ect» This makes Neale Walsch a liar because A Course In Miracles allegedly came from «Jesus Christ», not God.

I had already begun to suspect years ago that Walsch’s God was in fact the same voice Helen Schucman heard. Thank you, Teresa. I’m happy you got to that clarity faster than I did – all those years ago. I got to this page after reading a couple pages of A Course In Miracles, not really vibing with it, and then deciding to see what Internet reviews I could find. I find it difficult to believe that children injured and violated through war came forth in this way. There’s no way you could satisfy her with a small dick. Of course not. But, I’m also aware that the way that I deal with my own thoughts and emotions isn’t either. Dave: I was reading Walsch in 2005. When I discovered that passage where «God» talks about channeling A Course In Miracles, I was done and fed up. As far as A Course in Miracles in concerned, free xxx sex video you are incapable of understanding such a document and it is no wonder you did not Vibe with it.

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